The HRERA has independent authority in Panchkula and Gurugram in Haryana. Here is whatever developers, purchasers, and real estate dealers should know about RERA Haryana.

Point 1: What is RERA?

ANS RERA, or the property dealer (Regulation and Development) Statute, 2016, is an Indian parliament act that regulates the real estate business to safeguard the rights of property purchasers. Following the passage of the federal form of the Property Investment (Regulation and Development) Act by Parliament in 2016, states such as Haryana began applying their own form of the property investment legislation - HRERA – while adhering to the fundamentals established in the Federal form.

Haryana RERA Act (Regulation and Development)rule,2017, was implemented on July 28, 2017, and the RERA Web portal became online on October 4, 2018. and now info you should be aware of

Point 2: Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for property buying

ANS. RERA Haryana has authority over Panchkula and Gurugram separately. So, after logging in to the RERA Haryana website at, choose the authority from Adjudicating authority (RERA Haryana apart from in Panchkula and Gurugram), RERA Panchkula, and RERA Gurugram.

Point 3: Best Way a Method for Locating Licenced Projects

ANS : Navigate to the HRERA webpage at and choose the Program Registering button for Search programs. Developers can utilise this service to enroll their projects with HRERA. Select the construction jurisdiction - RERA Gurgaon, RERA Panchkula, or the Haryana RERA Apellate Court – now. Enter the capture code to browse for projects in Haryana under the RERA Act. Enter the program identity with the year here. To browse for projects, enter the capture code.

Point 4 :Real estate regulatory authority Haryana Agent Verification Procedure

Ans. Do you need to work with a real estate broker to buy or sell a home? There is a potential that you will fall into the trap of a dishonest individual. As a protection, you can view a list of licensed brokers who respect the Haryana RERA laws on the Haryana RERA website. As of February 2022, the HRERA site had 1,115 authorized brokers. The RERA Haryana website also has information about their district, certification of licensing, and so on. Purchasers should take use of such facts.

Press on the Authorized Brokers list on the HARERA website under Broker Enrollment to see if the person you are engaging with is HRERA certified.

Point 5 : How to File a Petition on the RERA Haryana Page

Ans. Do you have an issue about a property, contractor, or consultant? Here are the ways to file your protest. Make sure you read the Haryana RERA laws before making a report.

Step1 . Just go to the Real estate regulatory authority Haryana webpage and choose the option to lodge a concern.

Step 2 . Fill out the HARE application and complete all of the processes as prompted.

Step 3 . After completing and submitting the HRERA form, you will be assigned an online case code. Keep it ready for future reference.

Step 4 . Pay using the RERA Haryana portal. The charge is currently Rs 1,000 per petition. An additional charge of Rs 10 per attached file is also charged. Payment can be paid in the form of a pay order made payable to the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Step 5 . Upon making your HRERA transaction, save the acknowledgement paper for future references.

Step 6 . You will also be required to copy the Performa B from the HRERA website. This will be the comprehensive form. You have the option of making five duplicates of the similar item.

Step 7 . Attach a copy of an RERA Haryana license indicating that an identity copy of a petition has been given to the responder immediately to the complaints.

Step 8: Hand or mail three duplicates of the HRERA set (Complaint Registration Application and Subsection, Pay Order of Charge Received, Comprehensive Typewritten Problem, and Self-declared and verified certificate) to the Committees headquarters at the location.

Point 6. RERA Haryana: Way to Find a Complaint?

Ans . You may monitor the progress of a petition on the HRERA site on a routine basis by tapping on Find complaints under the grievance redressal register.

Choose the case appealed jurisdiction, input the id, complaint season, and passcode, and then click search.

Point 7 . How to Sign up a Project in Haryana Under RERA?

Ans . Developers can enroll on the Real estate regulatory authority Haryana portal by fulfilling the steps outlined below.

Step 1: On the Consumer disputes redressal Haryana site, go to the Program Login button and enroll to enroll the development.


Step 2: General project documentation, as well as application information, must be included in Real estate regulatory Haryana.

Step 3: Conform document and proceed.

Step 4: Complete Form A on Real estate regulatory Haryana and deposit the applicable charge.

Step 5: Users may also get a sample of this application. Confirm the details after you are satisfied with the details you have submitted. A short - term project ID will be created and maintained.

Step 6: Maintain just a few duplicates of this HRERA application document on hand. Three of these will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Step 7: Retain all essential paperwork on hand, such as banker draughts, permits, permissions, recertification letters, registration papers, bilateral contract with DTCP, copy of LC-IV, attorney for health care if needed, zone plan, construction permissions, and other documentation listed on the Haryana Real estate regulatory portal.

Step 8: Mark all papers and arrange them in accordance with Haryana Real estate regulatory standards.

Step 9: Enter your Haryana Real estate regulatory paperwork digitally. The organization should get one physical proof.

Step 10: A voucher will be issued, and the construction will be made available on the Real estate regulatory Haryana website.

Point 7 . How to Enroll as a Broker for Real estate regulatory Haryana?

Brokers must supply information about their firm and its kind, like whether it is held individually, as a corporation, or as a sole proprietorship. You will also be asked for your registration address. PAN card, evidence of residence, pictures, personal information, enrollment particulars, bye-laws, and other documents are necessary to finish the membership process.

Point 8 . Haryana Regulation and development: The Most Recent Updates

On April 27, 2021, the Haryana RERA (HARERA) declared that any building offered on the premise of additional area will be considered unfair/fraudulent trading conduct on the part of the developer. Acquirement documents for a construction will also have to be performed only on the basis of carpet area, according to the statement. The Haryana RERAs action follows many allegations from property purchasers that contractors have been selling houses at mega area rates rather than carpet area pricing. The legislation will apply to all housing developments, either authorized, yet to be enrolled, or excluded from certification.

"Except on the base of floor space, no transaction document of a realtor unit shall be certified." In circumstances where the home buying unit was assigned to the allottee prior to the Acts implementation, the developer must disclose all of the aspects composing the super area at the

time of transfer deed certification. However, the transfer document must be filed solely on a carpet area basis, according to the HARERA.

This implies that for current developments where units were assigned to beneficiaries based on super area prior to the Asset Management (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, the promoter must declare the elements that comprise super area. If the transference agreement has not been signed, the developer must specify the carpet area as well as the super built-up area and what comprises the same. When a unit is sold on a super area basis, the goal is to safeguard fields of endeavor against fraud.

HARERA (Gurugram) President KK Khandelwal cautioned that developers or real estate agents who disregarded these instructions will face criminal charges. He went on to say that the practice of selling real estate units on a large estimate basis is not only unclear, deceptive, opaque, and perplexing, but it also leads to lawsuits that can be prevented.

Settlements and penalties: According to Gurugram RERA chairman KK Khandelwal, the administration has been able to settle 70% of all petitions, or 6,598 people complaining, thus far. So far, 509 enforcement letters have been issued, with fines totaling Rs 40 crore levied on violating builders.

Dealers under investigation: Tough action shall be required against agents who have enrolled but have not obtained a certification. The president has stated that their memberships may be canceled in the future. Agents could indeed charge more than 1% in fee, shared among contracting parties, according to Real estate regulatory laws.

Contact details for Real estate regulatory Haryana

Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal is a tribunal that hears appeals from property owners in Haryana (HREAT),


Call +91 172-2972824 for further information (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri) is the email address.

Panchkula HRERA

The Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority is a government agency that regulates the real estate industry in the state

Mini Secretariat, 2nd and 3rd Floor, New Office Block Sector-1, Panchkula, India (134114)

For general inquiries, call +91 172-2584232 or 2585232. (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri) For assistance with complaints, call +91 9888554148. (10AM to 4PM Mon-Fri) For technical assistance, dial +91 9888554124 (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) (Mon-Fri) is the email address.

HRERA Gurugram is located at

The Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority is a government agency that regulates the real estate industry in the state

New PWD Rest Stop Gurugram, Haryana, Civil Lines Please call +91 124-2971103.

Helpdesk email:


How can I file a complaint with Real estate regulatory Haryana?

Go to the Haryana Real estate regulatory platforms Report Registration section and fulfill the instructions to effectively file your report. The charge is currently Rs 1,000 per petition. An additional charge of Rs 10 per attached file is also charged. Payments can be paid in the form of a request draft made payable to the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

What exactly is HARERA?

The Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HARERA) is the governments property investment regulatory agency. It was established on July 28, 2017, and the online site became live in October 2018.

How can I verify RERA-registered developments?

On the main portal, go to search for projects under program certification to find HRERA certified developments. If you come across a project anywhere else, check for the RERA ID. That will have an Identification if it is recognized with the national legislature.