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Sector 63 A



Unit Types

2 & 3 BHK Independent Floors

Unit Type/Size/Price Range(₹)

2BHK Independent Floors :

1050 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.21 Crore to 1.27 Crore
1375 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.58 Crore to 1.66 Crore
1071 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.91 Crore to 2.06 Crore

3BHK Independent Floors :

1305 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.5 Crore to 1.61 Crore
1470 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.69 Crore to 1.82 Crore
1705 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 1.96 Crore to 2.20 Crore
1920 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 2.22 Crore to 2.49 Crore
2114 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 2.43 Crore to 2.73 Crore
2384 sq.ft Super built-up Area : 2.74 Crore to 3.08 Crore


Signature Global City, a prestigious residential project nestled in the vibrant Sector 63A, Gurgaon. With a focus on sustainable living and cutting-edge design, this exceptional community offers a host of features that redefine modern living.

Signature Global City is committed to providing Green Certified Homes, ensuring a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle for its residents. The project’s architectural brilliance is brought to life by the renowned Padma Bhushan Architect Hafeez Contractor, ensuring spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Embracing the advancements in technology, Signature Global City offers provisions for Home Automation and FTTH (Fiber to The Home), enabling residents to experience seamless connectivity and smart living. Electric Car Charging Stations are also available, promoting eco-conscious transportation options for the residents.

Security and convenience are paramount, with features such as Digital Door Lock and Video Door Phone, ensuring a safe and hassle-free living experience for the residents.

Discover a world of contemporary design, sustainability, and convenience at Signature Global City, Sector 63A, Gurgaon. Experience the perfect harmony of modern architecture and intelligent features in this exceptional residential community.

Why Signature Global City Sector 63 A ?

  • Providing Green Certified Homes to The Owners
  • Designed by Padma Bhushan Architect Hafeez Contractor
  • Provision for Home Automation and FTTH (Fiber to The Home)
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Digital Door Lock and Video Door Phone
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